Progressive Insurance Snapshot Device. Call It BIG-BROTHER.


When I was with Progressive, they sent me this device. It’s ‘supposed’ to track how good of a driver you are. How it works is it plugs into your vehicles ODB and collects data on your driving habits; how hard you hit your brakes and what times you drives. This information is then wirelessly sent to Progressive. Depending on how good of a driver you are and how much you respect their driving requirements, you could get up to a 30% discount on your policy. They claimed it “doesn’t” track your speed but if it can track time, GPS location and for it to determine how hard you hit the brakes, it needs to be able to know how fast your were driving. 

Bottom line, it’s not for me. Might work for you but I just don’t like the idea of constantly being watched under a microscrope.

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